Finessing the Facade

If you've been by the school building recently, you've no doubt noticed a few changes on the exterior. One of the most noticeable - and one that we're particularly excited about - is the framing of the new windows openings within the old windows. If you remember the former school, all the classrooms featured huge, nearly wall-to-wall windows. Now this was great for a classroom, but it's too much glazing for a comfortable home. Not only would it be expensive to heat/cool, but it's important to have some privacy in your home.

So to solve this we are removing all the old windows, adding new framing within the existing openings, and then adding new, tall windows selectively within that framing. The openings will now alternate between opaque panels of metal siding and new tall windows. The windows are organized on a consistent grid, but the arrangements shift so that each apartment has a slightly different configuration. Not only does this make for unique unit layouts, but it activates the facade so that the static rhythm of the old openings is broken up by the shifting pattern of the new windows. Take a look at the photos and you'll see what I mean. Windows are scheduled to be delivered and installed later this month.