Update: Framing Complete!

The framing at 125 Midway is complete and the building is essentially "dried-in" - all the windows are installed, the sliding glass doors are in place, the roof membrane is down, and, with few exceptions, the building paper is on. This is always a great moment in a project when you can walk through a fully framed building and finally "see" the spaces that have until now only existed on paper. So, what's the verdict? We're incredibly pleased with the results so far: the unit layouts are working very nicely, the proportions feel right, and some of the last minute changes have clearly paid off. There are a couple things that we've had to reconsider, but it wouldn't be a construction project without a couple of revisions.  Check out the photos below!

With the framing complete, our focus shifts to the building interior where all the trades are hurriedly installing electrical wiring, plumbing, mechanical systems, and fire sprinklers. Before long, we'll be hanging drywall and starting to complete units. I'll be posting more in the coming weeks about interior finish and finish options.

We're currently accepting reservations for condominiums and the earlier you reserve the more flexibility you'll have in selecting interior finishes. If you have any questions, please contact Scott Veloso at 401-368-4486.

Framing at main entry

Nice roof line!

Corner Porch Framing

Windows installed!

Not a bad view - unit 206