Big Things at 125 Midway

Literally: foundation walls, steel beams, and elevator shafts.

Structural steel for phase 2 of the St. Marks Church redevelopment project: 125 Midway

With 45 Pop Lofts completed, we're turning our full attention to the new building at 125 Midway. If you've been watching the site there's been slow and steady progress all winter long as we excavated earth and then constructed the footings and foundation walls. In the past couple weeks, in a flurry of activity we erected all the structural steel and steel decking that supports the concrete slab at the first floor. The concrete pour commences next week and from there it's off to the races with the wood framing. Expect to see rapid progress in the next two months as the building begins to take shape.

Structural steel in the parking garage.

Structural Steel at the future front door.

Steel deck with elevator shaft in the distance.